Your lectors can renew their enthusiasm about their ministry and become
more effective in their proclamation of God's word at your parish through the Audrey Sommers'
Lector Speech Workshop Program, "Bringing God's Word to Life."

The workshop, developed by Ms. Sommers for the Archdiocese of Detroit, has proven for many
years to be an inspirational and result-oriented program for lectors who have participated in the
lector training program.

The interactive workshop helps lectors improve their vocal skills so that they are effective
proclaimers of God's word. The lector training program includes instruction on:

·        Diaphragmatic breathing techniques
·        Articulation and word emphasis exercises
·        Vocal quality
·        Proper delivery of readings
·        Effective pausing within readings
·        Mood and tone of readings
·        Understanding the texts/meaning of the readings
·        Liturgical dimension of the ministry
·        Preparing for the ministry spiritually
·        Projection/microphone/eye contact techniques
·        Lector attire/appearance
·        Lector ministry concerns/questions

During playbacks, your readers can hear and see their
pointing out the reader's good points, then mentioning
areas the reader may improve. A short critique session
follows the playbacks, which has proven beneficial to the