What People Are Saying:
"Audrey's dynamic personality and method engaged our college students, got them interested in
examining their own effectiveness and how to work at improving their proclamation." - Fr. Gary Wright, SJ,
University of Detroit Mercy
"I experienced this type of technique a number of years ago when the
archdiocese had a similar program. We are seeing results with our
people, because when they see themselves on camera, they become
their own best critic. They saw their weak points, and worked on them.
Another important point is that you could see they really enjoyed the
class." - The late Deacon Leo D'Argis, St. Colette Parish, Livonia,
Mich. (on right)
"The practice sessions before the video taping were very beneficial to me.  I got a better understanding of
how we lectors can color and emphasize certain words to give meaning to the readings." - Ed Lesnau, lector

"I can see a marked difference in our lectors' delivery.  Their  proclamation is more effective and better
understood by our parishioners.  Audrey got them fired up." - Deacon Richard Hulan, St. Ireneaus Parish,
Rochester Hills, Mich.

"I learned the importance of pauses and proper breathing.  In the video playbacks, I saw that I needed more
eye contact with parishioners." - Chris St. Onge, lector